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Discovering Joy

Hi, welcome to the newest part of my website - my blog. As you'd expect, I'll be blogging about my work and anything connected with that. So let's jump right in...

Today I happened to be browsing Facebook when a page I follow spat out an interesting link to an American artist named Dan May. Of course I followed the rabbit down the hole and spent the next few hours submerged in a world of gorgeous, surreal, narrative art, such as this:

Heal - Dan May

The emotive figures of his Gentle Creatures series possess an innocence that is hard to overlook and I found myself drawn further into their touching world. Each image, no matter how bleak it may first appear, holds something to suggest a hopefulness and I am nothing but a sucker for this kind of pull on my heartstrings.

What I find so wonderful about this series (and something that I aspire to with my own work) is the ambiguity in each of his paintings or drawings. I adore work that I can project into, art that gives you a little snap shot and then challenges you to fill in the blanks. Each of his images are a snippet of an untold story, and that is like catnip for me.

I was so moved by his work that I couldn't stop myself from buying some and honestly I can't wait to have it hanging on my wall.

So if, like me, you have a love of fairytale like surrealism, why don't you head over to take a look at the gorgeous world of Dan May and his sublime Gentle Creatures.

Kindred Spirit - Dan May

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