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Finding Courage

One of the things I struggle with is, not finding inspiration for projects, but managing the ridiculous number of ideas buzzing around in my head (long may this last). Some of these ideas are half baked concepts that will amount to nothing but some are so compelling I lay awake at night wondering how to piece them together.

I've been toying with an idea for my Final Major Project. It's a body of work that will explore a connection I have with my children's early years through the literature we read - particular stories that could be considered modern classics. I'm thinking grand production, surreal images and storybook narratives.

Every time I think of this project I get excited, but more than that, the whole prospect of pulling together locations, props, costumes, lighting and models to construct the mental images I have terrifies me. And that's how I know it's worth the shot. Because so far, my best work has come when I've pushed myself beyond what I'm comfortable with.

I have the rest of the summer to consider if I can do it and to map it out a little more thoroughly. I'm not fully convinced of where I'm going with it yet but...

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