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Building Trees and Puddles

With just over one week to go I have been searching long and hard for the best way to construct my next set. I know for certain that it will consist of a puddle but I've also had the notion to include a tree, if not a full one then at least some branches.  

But will it work in the shot and how do you even begin to 'build' a puddle?

Well according to everything I've read, resin seams to be the way forward. Looks like I'm spending the next week playing around with resin. 

As for the tree, I'm considering using real branches. Luckily I have a few trees in my garden which need cutting back so getting hold of branches won't be an issue. 

I have no idea if I can reproduce the image in my mind, in the small space I have but I won't be happy unless I try. It's going to take a lot of fiddling and tweaking and I still have to choose an image to project as my background. 

There's an awful lot left to do and with the Easter break well underway I'm becoming a little nervous that I won't pull it all off. Add this to the fact we still don't have a definitive exhibition space and it's fair to say that I'm experiencing any fair share of stress. 

Still, nothing worth having is ever easy, or so thy say!

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