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And This Is Why...

... You never put off tomorrow what you can do today.

With only 19 more days until I have to hand in my Final Major Project, things are really heating up. Of course I can see the finish line but first I have a few hurdles to clear.

I thought I'd jumped one by ordering my frames and mounts from an online shop based in Nottingham. I knew the frames were good quality because someone else had already bought from them and I had seen the frame in person so I wasn't too worried when I placed my order yesterday for nine 24x20 frames and nine 20x16 mounts.

They arrived today, delivered by Steve from DPD.

Dragging the smallest box into my living room I set about unraveling the 73meters of bubble wrap they were so fastidiously cocooned in.

And then it happened. I laid my print on top of the mount, atop the frame and... Uh oh! The mount board aperture was 20x16. I had printed on 20x16 paper only my prints have a small boarder where they sit in the easel meaning there was an unsightly gap around the edge of my print.


Cue a begging call to Matt (our wonderful, sassy, always happy to help with only sight traces of sarcasm, highly patient technician). He measured my prints and gave me the actual size of the image so I could speak to the framers and try and sort the mess out. Thankfully when I called Maple Framing, I spoke to a very nice man (named John) who kindly offered to replace the wrong mounts if I covered postage. I have since emailed them the exact aperture sizes needed and await their *response (*read saving).

Now, I still have a month before the first exhibition so plenty of time to sort this fiasco out, but that didn't stop me groaning out loud at my own ridiculousness. Needless to say I won't be making this mistake again in a hurry (disclaimer - I probably will, I am a slow learner!).

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