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So Close I Can Almost Taste It

I'm almost there, I'm almost in! The majority of the work is complete in the dark room and as soon as it's completely water sealed and light tight, I can start work in there.

I decided to leave the floor uncovered as it was an added expense that wasn't necessary at this time. The wall behind the wet bench (where the chemicals are) and the sink is also going to be partially tiled at a later date too. But that's about it, I can now, all bar a few tweaks and a little more black silicon, print in my dark room.

In the studio there's still a little more work to do. The dividing wall needs papering and I need to source some carpet for the 'client area', however:

The vinyl flooring is ready to be stuck down meaning I will have the bones of a working studio as soon as it glued into place. The studio was not a priority for me when I started this venture but I'm beginning to see the vast benefits of having one to hand. It won't be quite up to the standard of the studios at college (high glide systems are ridiculously expensive) but it will be functional and I'll be able to do work around the limitations.

Last push to get this finished now.

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