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Project Complete

It is done! The darkroom and the Studio are complete and I am relieved and thrilled to say I've produced my first prints and had my first studio session.

I'm looking to install a paper colourama (backdrop) as is found in most commercial studios, but for the time being, this little set up will do just fine.

The first set of lights are ones I bought years ago when I used to do commercial photography but the second set with the black soft boxes were an absolute bargain. I woke up one day to an email from my friend and college Gordon which led to a discount code for this set of lights that was just too good to ignore.

I'm so happy with the darkroom! The layout is perfect and there is more than enough room to do what I need. As yet I've only printed 10x8 but there's loads of room so I'm not in the slightest bit worried for the larger printing, The only issue I've had is the temperature now the seasons are changing but it's nothing a heater won't cure.

I've realised a dream, (with a ton of help and support) and it's made me realise that failure is not an option. I have a responsibility now to make this all work and create a business that produces work. It's very daunting but I've come this far so there's no turning back now.

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