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Workshopping and Networking

Since starting back at college in October, we've been fortunate to have some guest speakers in who have conducted some very interesting workshops.

The first workshop was given by Angela from Rural Arts in Thirsk and was a lino print making workshop. This was something I knew about but hadn't yet tried. Taking a small square of linoleum I etched a design with a pencil then using a cutting tool, gouged out grooves.

The next workshop was great fun, making plasticine model to create our own stop animation short film. This workshop was given by Ben Greenwood who worked as an animator on Corpse Bride.

As well as the making aspect of the workshops, it's been extremely interesting to hear the talks given, and perspectives offered. To speak to people who have worked and are working in the art industry is important as they've been there and they've forged a path already. They have invaluable advice and tips, as well as interesting takes on things that I haven't even considered yet.

Creating a network seems to be one of the most important things I can do as an artist, as it appears to be an industry that works on a "who you know" as much as a "what you know" basis. Being outside of the capital city makes this harder but as these guest speakers have proven, not impossible. So whilst creating plasticine models is not my forte (I'm sadly, no sculpture), I am picking up so much useful information from the workshops and importantly, growing my network. Not bad for an awkward introvert!

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