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All The Colours

I’m still examining how different colours affect the negative when it comes to exposing to make a print, so this week I collected the kids felt tip pens.

Again patience played a massive role in what I was doing and sadly, this time around I wasn’t one for waiting so I hurried through some of the aspects of colouring. Of course this only backfired and meant I had to redo things but I’m stubborn so I didn’t let it beat me.

I had some great results but it’s all quite unpredictable so I’m never really sure how it’ll look printed. I’m also working on glossy paper which I despise but it was free and beggars can’t be choosers.

With each darkroom session I’m inching that bit closer to the end result, even though it may not look like it to outsiders. Valuable lessons are being learned from the recent run of successes and the previous failures. It’s all about the baby steps at the moment though, if I change too much at once I’ll never figure out what works and what doesn’t.

As Christmas is only a day away, I’m downing tools for the moment. I’m not sure if I’ll get into the darkroom before 2019 strikes but I will be spending the next week or so researching materials to paint/draw onto the negatives with. So hopefully, by the end of January, I’ll be able to think about printing a large print of the combination of negatives and it will be something like. Well, that’s the dream, and it is Christmas, the time for miracles, after all.

Have a wonderful Christmas time and New Year to all celebrating. See you in 2019!

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