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We were lucky enough to be invited to the Mercer in Harrogate this week to listen to their curator talk. If I'm honest, iven what happened at the Aesthetica Symposium I wasn't expecting to leave feeling uplifted or inspired but that's exactly what happened.

In a full day at Aesthetica i wrote exactly two sentences. In an hour listening to Karen I filled two pages. Her insight was fantastic and instead of simply talking about the barriers facing artists she actually gave really good ideas for how to overcome and navigate them.

She spoke abbout her job and what she does as curator - a job which has drastically altered in the last decade or so. She gave us a candid explination of how the museums and galleries choose work/artists and how we could infiltrate this system. The thing she stressed the most, however, was the importance of networking.

Oh how I hate networking. I've avoided it like the plague as much as I can but sadly, no more. After Karen's talk I know that if I want to succeed in the industry, I have no choice at all but to get out there and network. Because it's not what you know, it's who you know.

So as I approach the last stretch of the Masters and I'm beginning to think about final exhibitions and sending out invitations, I'm now looking at who I SHOULD invite. I can no longer hide in a darkroom, it's time to get my name out there and try and make as many connections as possible.

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