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Setting Up

It is done. It may have taken a full day to get the room and images how I envisaged them but we got there in the end.

And standing back to look at the work all hung and ready for the exhibition, I was struck with how little there seemed to be. That without the context of how each print is created you could be fooled into thinking it was merely a few weeks/months worth of work. So I'm extremely glad I chose to include a video which gives a little insight into the process of manipulating the negatives, developing the prints and then hand colouring them.

But even with that, I still don't feel it reflects the amount of work I've put in. You can't see the hours and hours of research, the print tests, the measuring for mounts, the sketchbook work... Fingers crossed people actually read the statements, if they do, they'll have more of an idea of the underpinning and the sheer volume of work it has taken to get this work made.

Hopefully people get it and hopefully they understand what I've tried to achieve. I feel like I have but you never really know for sure. There's a book for comments, not that I'm expecting many, but with luck one or two will confirm that I have reached my goals.

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