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I came to fine art photography after discovering a passion for visual story telling and narrative tableaux during my photography degree. I am particularly drawn to any art which incorporates an element of whimsy or the fantastical. I love nothing more than an image that looks like it could have been torn from the pages of an untold storybook, one that encourages you to continue the narrative however you choose.

I drifted into narrative photography from the commercial route, having trained under an award winning wedding photographer. However, as much as I enjoyed photographing weddings (what's not to love?) it just wasn't the right fit for me. So I took the plunge and went back to college at the ripe age of 34 to complete a photography degree. It was there that I found a deep love of analog photography and traditional processes. 

Discovering narrative tableaux at the end of my first year cemented what is now a full blown love affair with large format film cameras and has led me to discover exactly what I enjoy doing most - exploring issues and interests through the lens in the form of fine art photography.

As I came to the end of my photography degree, I fast realised I wasn't finished academically. Whilst I had gained a solid foundation of understanding, I wasn't yet ready to build on it so I continued on at college and completed a Master of Arts degree. Here I really found my stride and confidence, and set about pulling apart some of the traditional analog methods in order to create my own.  

woman, flowers, summer

As an artist I am particularly fascinated with identity, specifically the way we constantly construct and evolve our individuality, and how experiences shape the way we perceive and are perceived. This notion of identity is a common subtext in the majority of my work. 


Alongside my work, I am also a strong believer that art is for everyone. It plays such an important role in our everyday lives lives it should be accessible to all, and everyone should feel welcome to participate.  

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