I came to fine art photography after discovering a passion for visual story telling and narrative tableaux. I am particularly drawn to any art, which incorporates an element of whimsy or the fantastical, such as the work of Oleg Oprisco, Kirsty Mitchell and Gregory Crewdson.


As a fourth generation film photographer, I have a deep affinity and love for traditional processes, Predominantly shooting my work on a large format (5x4) camera, I enjoying the nostalgia and satisfaction that comes with the art of physically creating prints. This infatuation with analog methods has led me to pursue various other historical practices, including hand colouring silver gelatin prints with specialist photographic dyes, and combination printing.



As an artist, I am fascinated with identity, specifically the way we constantly construct and evolve our individuality, and how experiences shape the way we perceive, and are perceived. Playing with this notion of perception, I hope to challenge viewers to think about the subjects I explore and draw their own conclusions based on their present circumstance and sense of self.


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