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Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men

This week has not gone to plan! Instead of finishing off my Snatchabook colouring I've been confined to the house, looking after a sick (but feeling fine and still bouncing) child. However, the unexpected time away from college has given me the chance to do something I've never done before - play with the hand coloured image in photoshop.

To date I'd been unsure what colour would best enhance the wings for my snatchabook so I loaded a photo of the half finished image and went to town. I tried all sorts of colour combinations, some which hurt my eyes and some which gave the image a very dark aesthetic but eventually, after asking a few people, I settled on a fairly 'Disney Princess' colour. Let's hope I can reproduce it with the dyes I have.

In other news, I received a very large package today.

An early Mother's Day gift. I had ordered it on Monday after being sent a link to look at by Dan, my ever present, always eager to share his finds, camera savvy college mate. Inside the huge (was not expecting it to be this big - I really should learn to look at dimensions by now) protective case was this beauty:

I can't wait to get some Orthochromatic film loaded and try out a few shots. I'm thinking maybe a family portrait on Mother's Day to commemorate the 'gift' (I bought for myself!). I've read a few things online about the lens and I'm eager to see if what has been said is right before I take this out and start shooting properly.

So for the rest of the week it's sketchbook work and planning. I'm hoping to get the next (and final FMP shoot) sorted for early next month and then move on to a personal project that been in the pipelines for a while now. Who knows, I may even add to my FMP if there's time, after all, there is still a whole bookshelf of possibilities!

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